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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 22:26:04 PST

I'm not familiar with two of these Freesias. Also John Manning told 
me when we were in South Africa that when the new work on this genus 
comes out  F. leichtlinii is going to be included in Freesia alba. 
I've always found the two that I've grown difficult to tell apart so 
that made sense to me.

I ones I are wondering about are the two you listed under Freesia 
leichtlinii. Do you mean Ferraria divaricata? There is a Lapeirousia 
divaricata (which in the past was an erroneous name used in seed 
exchanges for a white Freesia laxa as the true L. divaricata was a 
different plant), but with the ssp. I'm thinking you meant Ferraria 
even though you listed Ferraria species in another place in your 
email. What is F. falcata? There is a Freesia fucata, is that what 
you meant? Also a Hesperantha falcata, a Cyrtanthus falcata
>Freesia leichtlinii
>F. divaricata ssp. arenosa (or is it "var."?)
>F. falcata

It sounds like your garden must be quite wonderful at the moment.

Mary Sue

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