reticulate iris and Tibilisi Botanic Garden

Boyce Tankersley
Fri, 17 Feb 2012 11:01:06 PST
Like many of the former soviet republics, Georgia is wrestling with how to
transition all of the Institutes and Universities that used to be state
sponsored into a position where they can support themselves.  The Tbilisi
Botanical Garden has 'transitioned' from an independent entity to a unit of
the Institute of Botany (Herbarium) and from there to a department within a
university and finally to the Tbilisi Parks Department.

The staff have been very amenable to contract collecting taxa for a
consortium of North American Botanical Gardens are Arboreta at very
reasonable prices per taxa.  Contact me privately if you would like contact

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> > PS#5: I got the Index Seminum from the Tbilisi Botanic Garden, and what
> a sad,
> > sorry affair it was. Not one of the beautiful native plants that are so
> rare in
> > cultivation was listed. I gather that like many other such institutions
> > throughout the former USSR, it is seriously underfunded and has fallen
> on hard
> > times.
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