Patron saint of Lapeirousia

Sat, 04 Feb 2012 23:03:05 PST

It seems likely that you may have misinterpreted my extract from Stearns to
indicate that the name of the person for whom Lapeirousea was named was a
matter for botanical Latin, not for history. I chose the extract from this
book, Botanical Latin by Stearns, because it is a present-day book used by a
number of people at this site. 

The source of the information, where the name came from, was dealt with in a
rather more obscure document. Since you have questions regarding Stearns, I
shall quote from it. Dictionnaire classique d'histoire naturelle, V. 9, Bory
de Saint-Vincent (published byRey y Gravier in 1826) gives " LAPEIROUSIA.
BOT. PHAN. Thunberg (prodr. Flor. Capens.) a ainsi altere le nom du
Lapeyrousia, genre etabli en l'honneur de Picot de Lapeyrouse. "

In other words, Thunberg changed the name originally set up in honor of
Picot de Lapeyrouse. It does not provide who set up Lapeyrousia. There is
also discussion, a bit too lengthy to display here, about the Thunberg
description, the change of name by him in 1800 and his dissemination of the
data to Cassini and Linne fils (Linnaeus). 

My point is that of history and who the genus was named for - the reason for
this thread. Matters realating to Botanical Latin rules for naming genera
after people constitute a totally different matter. Stearns was however
consistent with the Dictionnaire when he said that Lapeirousea was named
after de Lapeyrouse.  


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