Asphodelus acaulis

Matt Mattus
Tue, 28 Feb 2012 18:49:32 PST
I too have had a Asphodelus acaulis (for ten years now), but growing in a
long tom plunged  in a sand bed in the cold greenhouse. My plant has bloomed
every year for ten years, and provides a nice show from around Christmas
until mid-February.

Last year I noticed that it was larger, but began to flower less, so I
decided to divide it while the plant was dry and dormant in July. The crown
easily separated into about nine crowns, each with a nice set of thick roots
( which I shared through Dell on the PBS bulb exchange). The largest one I
kept for myself. This year, it bloomed again, but more profusely than it had
in the past. I would say that it like being divided. - - (note - my plant
stays quite wet in the sand bed while growing in the winter, but it goes
completely dry during the long, hot summer.

Matt Mattus
USDA Zone 6a
Worcester, MA

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