A question for PBS members

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We are in the process of sending out reminder post cards.



On 02/28/12, Robin Carrier wrote:

i don't think i r eceived any notice that my membership had xpired. it 
probably has.
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>I just exported information from our PBS membership database (that
> is, dues-paying members of the PBS) for Arnold Trachtenberg to use
> for mailing the PBS print newsletter. As usual, I noticed that many
> people who joined last year (or earlier) did not renew for 2012. We
> do wonder why, so I would like to ask people on this forum who were,
> but are not now, paying members to comment on why they didn't renew
> their membership. We hope to find out what more the PBS can do to
> serve bulb enthusiasts and keep up our full membership, which
> includes the BX and our newsletter.
> Thanks!
> Jane McGary
> Membership Coordinator
> Pacific Bulb Society
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