Name for seeds that germinate automatically please

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:38:16 PST
> I have googled over & over & can't find the name for seeds that can not
be stored & self germinate like crinums & belladonna ect
> Can someone please let me know what that is called

Highly recalcitrant


From Avicennia to Zizania: Seed Recalcitrance in Perspective

Background Considered only in terms of tolerance of, or sensitivity to,
desiccation (which is an oversimplification), orthodox seeds are those
which tolerate dehydration and are storable in this condition, while highly
recalcitrant seeds are damaged by loss of only a small proportion of water
and are unstorable for practical purposes. Between these extremes, however,
there may be a gradation of the responses to dehydration – and also to
other factors – suggesting perhaps that seed behaviour might be best
considered as constituting a continuum subtended by extreme orthodoxy and
the highest degree of recalcitrance.

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