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Randall P. Linke randysgarden@gmail.com
Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:11:10 PST
Down on the central coast of California we are still waiting for rain,
which is promised for Thursday through the weekend.  Chilly monrings,
occasional light frost, dry, watering the garden for the fifth weekend in a
row.  In terms of bulbs I only have Nerines and two kniphofias blooming,
Zantedeschia aethiopica in bud.

Randy, central Monterey Bay, California

On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Robin Hansen <hansennursery@coosnet.com>wrote:

> A weather report seems briefly appropriate.  I'm far south of Kathleen on
> the southern Oregon coast.  I have white stuff on the ground, mostly hail.
>  We've been having snow/hail showers off and on all day - "snail" as I
> mispoke to my sister.  Potential accumulations by nightfall  and yes, I'm
> at sea level.
> I was just in the poly house.  Haven't water in weeks (55% shade cloth on
> with doors open) and was checking for dry plants.  Typically, I water the
> least amount possible at this time of year as I get much better survival of
> bulbs in general.  Also have several hardy cacti that have survived for
> many years on that regime.  I'll be glad to get them moved into the new
> house where someday I may get a flower...
> The Cyclamen coums are beginning to bloom, about a month later than
> normal, and I still have some crazy purpurascens flowering.  My cypriums
> have been looking wonderful after repotting this fall, the best-looking
> leaves I've seen for awhile.
> My mother reports daffodils (probably the old King Alfreds) up four
> inches.  This after 6-8 weeks of cold temps, frost and very little rain.
>  Hopefully, we're now into the rainy season!
> Robin
> Hansen Nursery
> Southwest Oregon Coast, USA
> robin@hansennursery.com
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