Scadoxus multiflorus Katherinae - it's all happening

Ina Crossley
Mon, 09 Jan 2012 20:00:02 PST
I found that mine didn't like ANY sun.  And I don't know how they cope 
with the high temperatures.   Does it get that hot around the shady side 
of your place?

I grow mine in the garden all year round, grows like mad from late 
spring onwards and has buds coming up now.  It is summer here now of 
course.  Day temperatures around 20C.

But I have had to make sure it is protected from all sun except a bit 
late in the afternoon.  I planted 2 Feijoa bushes and standardised them 
so when they are a bit bigger they will do the job of shading the 
Scadoxus.  At this stage I still have a piece of shadecloth between the 


On 10/01/2012 1:28 p.m., Leo A. Martin wrote:
> I leave them out all year in dappled shade and I water them all year. The
> tops tend to die to the ground when it gets hot for the summer (say, over
> 104F / 40C) and then resprout in the fall, growing all winter. They don't
> seem to freeze in our moderate overnight frosts.

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