Ipheion uniflorum

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 25 Jan 2012 07:15:32 PST
I'm not sure when I last asked this, but I see that the Plant list 
and Kew now consider Ipheion uniflorum to be a synonym of Tristagma 
uniflorum. Ipheion is one of those generas that makes working on the 
wiki  a challenge and makes gardeners who just want to have a name 
for their plants unhappy with taxonomists. Just look at this list of 
all the names of a plant that most of us know as Ipheion uniflorum 
has been known by:

Perhaps Alberto can tell us what they are calling it in Argentina and 
Uruguay these days. Should we be moving all the Ipheion photos to 
other wiki pages and just leaving synonyms? A number of people over 
the years have written about 'Jesse' on this list and they have all 
referred to it as a cultivar of uniflorum, but looking on the wiki 
the flower does look just like 'Rolf Fiedler'. Alberto, is there a 
species name for 'Rolf Fiedler' that people agree on yet? I'm glad to 
know about the origin of Jesse and after we learn more, we can change 
it on the wiki. That it is probably the same species as 'Rolf 
Fiedler' helps explain to me why it behaves the same for me in my 
garden. Neither one is reliable bloomer like the plants I grow known 
as Ipheion uniflorum. I've seen both bloom and the blue is very 
beautiful, but they rarely bloom for me.

Mary Sue


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