Narcissus Nylon culture

Ina Crossley
Mon, 09 Jan 2012 13:43:26 PST
Jim, I asked as I had to remove most of the Narcissus bulbocodium ssp 
praecox (;o) as they were coming up all over the place, obviously here 
they thrive and would have naturalised happily.

The soil here tends towards being acid (beautiful blue Hydrangeas for 
example) so that sounds about right for the lovely white ones you have.  
In fact I have ordered some here in NZ and am waiting for them to arrive.

Ina   In a still wet and soggy Auckland.  NZ

On 10/01/2012 8:55 a.m., James L. Jones wrote:
> Hi Ina,
> My yellow petticoats (N.bulbocodium ssp praecox) get much the same treatment, the major difference being that they're in pots, not in the ground, and are doing well but are not as vigorous.
> Jim
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> Are they very different to grow from the yellow petticoat daffodils?  I
> know, not their "proper" name....
> Ina

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