Whats blooming now ... need ID, possible Drimia sp - actually an Ornithagolum sp

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Fri, 01 Jun 2012 06:59:06 PDT
Thank you Dietrich, Dylan and all who responded ...  the consensus seems to be 
It is still blooming and looking good.  Interestingly, the flowers only open on 
sunny days ... even
though the plant itself is kept shaded.  The foliage has declined and now all 
disappeared.  Here is a link to a shot of the open florets:


San Diego, California
USDA zone 10 


From: Dietrich Müller-Doblies d.mueller-doblies@gmx.de

certainly you are right, it is an interesting Ornithogalum sp. of the O. 
graminifolium group. ... Cheers
Am 19.05.2012 21:58, schrieb Hannon:
> I believe this is an Ornithogalum (the "Drimia" designation is erroneous)
> that originally came from UC Irvine Arboretum without data or locality. It
> is a very dependable little clustering plant for shade and unusual among
> hyacinths for its softly pubescent leaves. The flowers will open more fully
> and are star-like.
> Maybe the Mueller-Doblies can provide a name?
> Dylan
> On 19 May 2012 11:44, Ken<kjblack@pacbell.net>  wrote:
>> I purchased a bulb with interesting hairy, light green foliage a little
>> over a year ago.  It went dormant last Summer and produced a new flush of 
>> again last fall, which now seems to be declining while the plant is in
>> full-bloom.  It was labelled 'Drimia species' ... 
>> Can any of you experts out there help me out?
>> Bloom spikes:
>> http://flickr.com/photos/amarguy/…
>> Bloom close-up:
>> http://flickr.com/photos/amarguy/…
>> Foliage:
>> http://flickr.com/photos/amarguy/…

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