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The Silent Seed
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 09:04:21 PDT
I have, and about 3/4 the seeds were ok, the rest were dried up, or / and not mature enough to grow. I can understand if a few, out of a pack, were bad - but this wasn't the case. Certain species were ok, other species were not.    I had to pull teeth to get resolution.   I think they are very busy and allow that to affect customer relations. 

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Subject: [pbs] Inquiry about seed sources

I was just looking at the website and wondering if 
any members of this list have ordered many seeds from it. Their 
selection of geophytes is not really extensive, but there are a few 
species I'd like to acquire. I was concerned, however, to see that 
some species appear to be illustrated with photos of different 
species (e.g., Rhodophiala phycelloides appears to be illustrated by 
R. pratensis or something similar), and a few names and synonyms 
( Iris) are misspelled or confused.

This is a good time to discuss seed sources, as in a couple of months 
it will be time to start planting the seeds of winter-growing 
geophytes. Since the discontinuation of the Archibalds' list and Ron 
Ratko's Northwest Native Seeds, I'm looking for new lists. What are 
some of your favorites?

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA


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