Calochortus report

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 22 Jun 2012 20:29:45 PDT
My Calochortus report is that something has decided the flowers are 
very tasty.  Most of mine with just a few exceptions had the stems 
shortened before the buds opened. This has never happened to me 
before. I suspect the chipmunk that has been visiting my garden for 
the past two years, but when I've seen it, it moves so quickly I've 
never actually seen it with anything in its mouth. I suppose it could 
be birds as well. I suspect them of eating foliage, stealing tags, 
and planting sunflowers, millet, and tan oak acorns in my pots. They 
also pulled out and ate Lachenalias this year. Sigh.

So I was very envious of Jane Calochortus report. Not all of us have 
the resources for a bulb house like hers, but it's wonderful that all 
of her planning has turned out so well. I've had good displays of 
flowers from many of my native bulbs in the Themidaceae family this 
year however (Brodiaea, Triteleia, Dichelostemma, Bloomeria).

Mary Sue 

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