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Max Withers
Mon, 11 Jun 2012 09:54:01 PDT
Jim, If you want to move to "California" make sure you move to the 
California Floristic Province (including SW Oregon and the part of Baja 
California where one might discover a lily. NE California is in the 
Great Basin Floristic Province, with a climate to match.

On 6/11/12 7:52 AM, Jim McKenney wrote:
> Thanks for that clarification, Colleen. If I ever move to California, I'd better check pretty carefully if I expect to end up in a neighborhood with palm trees and oranges.
> And Mark, somehow I'm having trouble keeping the words "California" and "minus 45 degrees F" in the same thought. Oh my gosh... minus 45 degrees F:  no wonder the town is now deserted.

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