Canna flaccida, surprise hardiness

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 07:20:37 PDT
Yesterday I noticed a bud on Canna flaccida when I left for work.
When I got home the bud was much bigger and showing color.  When I
looked again an hour later the bud was opened!

Last year I missed it entirely and I only saw the spent bloom.  This
year I practically got to watch it open.  I can detect a faint
pleasant aroma, but only barely.

I snapped some photos but I didn't have time to download them and
resize them this morning.  I'll try to do it this evening.


On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 10:10 AM, Dennis Kramb <> wrote:
> So this wasn't the coldest winter for Cincinnati, but I have a surprise to
> report.  Canna flaccida that I grew from BX seed survived its first winter
> outdoors, in pots, ABOVE ground.  I had so many extra seeds that I was
> willing to sacrifice these to test their hardiness.  Imagine my surprise!
> Another surprise is that my tropical Canna hybrids that grew from self-sown
> seeds are coming back for their 2nd year in the ground next to the house.
> They're literally inches away from the house, so obviously getting enough
> warmth to enable them to over winter.  (The parent plants died their first
> winter, and they were located 2 feet from the house.)  Maybe this year
> they'll be big enough to bloom?
> Thanks Dr. Jim for donating these Bandana of the Everglades seeds!  :-)

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