Sternbergia seed

Jane McGary
Wed, 13 Jun 2012 09:14:40 PDT
Ina asked,
>Does anyone have experience growing Sternbergia from seed?  What sort of
>conditions they like, sown on top of the soil, or covered?  Which time
>of the year?

I have grown all the Sternbergia species from seed. I sow the seed in 
fall, or if I get it later in the year, as soon as received. The 
seeds should be well covered with at least 5 mm of soil and grit 
topdressing, because the radicle (first root) emerges from the seed 
first and can push the seed and its single cotyledon (leaf) out of 
the soil if it is not well covered. (This is true of Crocus seed 
too.) Usually the seeds germinate the first year after a period of 
cold (not freezing), but I would keep the seed pot at least two 
years. Keep the seedlings in their pots until they go dormant. Then 
you can store the seed pot fairly dry but not completely desiccated, 
in the shade, and let it grow on another year, or you can sort out 
the young bulbs and put them in a larger pot for the next year's 
growth -- also keep this pot somewhat but not totally dry.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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