FREESIAS? -their corms

Peter Taggart
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 11:44:28 PDT
No personal sleight intended Jane,and I apologise that for my phrasing. I
am concious that this list is public and as such read by people who unlike
yourself, would not instantly recognise a Freesia corm, in their hand, as a

As the term bulb was used with specific referance to Freesias in the price
list you quoted from, I feel that some people might infer that Freesias
have bulbs rather than corms -rather than only reading the word "bulb" in
its colloquial sense which is, as you suggest, a practical necsesity in
terms of general referance.
Peter (UK)

On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 7:21 PM, Jane McGary <>wrote:

> Peter wrote,
> >Surely you mean that the minimum order is 50 corms for $34.50
> >I have never yet, to my knowlege, seen a Freesia "bulb".
> >-no wonder people get confused.....
> Well, yes, I do know the difference between a bulb and a corm, having
> repotted tens of thousands of them over the years, .. And after all,
> we decided to call ourselves the Pacific Bulb Society when we could
> have chosen the Pacific and All Other Geographical Areas Bulb, Corm,
> Tuber, and Large Rhizome Society.

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