Musaceae and rhizomes
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 18:14:21 PDT
> The exception rather than the rule in the family.

There are HUNDREDS of Zingiberaceace spp that are naturally deciduous. 
All Kaempferia, all Roscoea, all Cautleya, all curcuma, all hemiorchis,
all gagnepainia, all stahlianthus, all Caulokaempferia,all cornukaempferia
and a few other genera  are entirely made up of decidous spp.  In addition
numerous Globba, Hedychium, Zingiber, Boesenbergia, etc also are also
naturally decidous.  The family covers a vast area and in regions with
pronounced  dry seasons it is the rule rather than the exception.  The
naturally deciduous spp often have storage tubers of some sort in addition
to the rhizome, a feature rarely seen in the evergreen spp.  Decidous spp
become a rarity from extreme southern thailand throughout Malaysian,
Indonesia, New Guinea etc, but are very common throughout areas of India,
Myanmar, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.  There are of
course many evergreens to be found in these countries as well.

Tim Chapman

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