summer bulb storage

Thu, 28 Jun 2012 11:59:30 PDT
Thank you Leo, Arnold, John, Jane and Dylan,

As Arnold notes, it should depend on the type of bulb and their native growing conditions. I have chosen primarily species from the Cape and Mediterranean climates to match the climate here in Santa Barbara. 

It is interesting to hear from your variety of climates. Given the near-certainty of no rain here until September, I will only dig up what I need to for other purposes, will re-plant immediately without storage, will remove dried leaves and stalks (no worries re seeds: Ive aleady harvested those). I will not mulch with bark-based material; I may mulch thinly with gravel, chick grit, or coarse pumice. Jane's note on avoiding bark-based potting mix explains the white fibers I have seen so I will make my own soil mix. I will not dig up any of the seedlings, as tempting as it is to check their progress. And yes, time is limited. Thank you for the practical and experienced advice.

- Gastil

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