Tim Chapman
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 18:01:14 PDT

> Are there any yellow, gold, or chartreuse-leaf selections of any 
> Eucomis species?
> Nathan

The question above was asked back in march, but while digging through the archives on Eucomis I came across it.  I recently came across info on E. 'Glow Sticks' .. A great name if you are targeting rave going ecstasy users.. but otherwise not so good.   It is a new release of Terra Nova Nurseries (don't know who the hybridizer is).  It has new foliage that appears yellow to coppery.  

I'm not very fond of yellow foliage myself but was excited to see another one of the new releases, 'Dark Star.'. Their photo at least shows solid dark purple foliage, much darker than any of the E autumnalis clones out there (ie oak hurst and sparkling beauty, etc.   E vandermerwei is obviously one parent to this as well as 'Freckles' another one of their offerings. 

A link to these hybrids:…

It's good to see some unique Eucomis hybrids showing up, I think there is tremendous potential with this genus. 

Tim Chapman

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