Alstroemeria question

James L. Jones
Fri, 01 Jun 2012 07:41:07 PDT
I have Alstroemeria, probably ligtu, raised from seed 16 years and, to echo Ellen Hornig, it succeeds to a fault, but only tight against the south-facing foundation.  It blooms dependably and spectacularly.  Recently I've taken to yanking out the stems in later summer, thereby slowing it down, avoiding yellowing foliage, and revealing the interplanted colchicum.  It's not that bad a job.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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I got a question about growing Alstroemeria to the PBS website a 
couple of days ago. I sent it on to Roy Sachs hoping he could help 
answer it not knowing he had died. So here it is.
>The alstroemeria is one of my favorite cut flowers and wish to grow 
>them in a new perennial bed. When is the best time to plant the 
>bulbs? Which varieties would be best for Southern Illinois growing 
>seasons? Which varieties would be growth in full sun? Thank you

Would it be possible to grow Alstroemeria in Southern Illinois?

Mary Sue


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