Crocosmia Q

James Waddick
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 09:00:53 PDT
Dear Boyce,
	Over the last few years we have become smitten by Crocosmia. 
After a couple failures 'Lucifer' is well established and dazzles in 
mid-summer. Then 'George Davidson' and 'Distant Planet'. In the last 
year we added about 10 more cvs.

	We thought  we were about at the northern limits.

	Last weekend we we went to Omaha and saw a big clump of 
Lucifer at Lauritzen Gardens.

	This got us to wonder. Does CBG grow any Crocsmia and if so 
which? Have you tried and lost any? We found single 'dry' corms are 
very difficult to establish, but kept in a pot for a year to get good 
roots and 'mother' corms, they establish pretty well. Pot grown cvs 
are also easy.

	I wonder how far north these things really are. Any thoughts 
or recommendations?

		Best		Jim W.

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