night-scented muscari?

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:17:36 PDT
Jane,  no tag.  I remember buying some scented commercial muscari  
about ten years ago.  I'm sure the packet showed yellow flowers, and  
it had a cultivar name.

There are two flower stems and the flowers are small, thick and green  
when they first begin. Then a central pinhole opens as the flower  
begins to expand.  There are now several big flowers ( 1 cm long )  
that have a slight yellow flush, and the bottom edge is brown and a  
bit spiky.

The leaves are very long ( 18 cm ), U-shaped, shiny on the reverse,  
but not shiny on the top surface.  They are red-flushed near the ground.


On 17-Mar-12, at 11:50 AM, Jane McGary wrote:

>  I have a LOT of Muscari
> species, but none with green flowers. M. muscarimi has cream-colored
> flowers, but they are large for the genus..

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