Albuca question

Leo A. Martin
Mon, 19 Mar 2012 15:48:17 PDT
Hello All,

In my earlier-posted bloom list for today I forgot Albuca
namaquensis/circinata and A. navicula.

Among others, I have what is sold as Albuca sp. Augrabies Hills. While
studying it on the Wiki, I noticed Pamela Slate's enormous and beautiful
plant on the Albuca R-Z page, which says: "Albuca sp. 'Augrabies Hills' is
a commonly sold plant. It is named for its habitat locale in the northwest
Cape near the southeastern Namibian border."

On the Albuca R-Z page, I noticed... "Albuca osmynella, formerly known as
Ornithogalum osmynellum is endemic to the Oograbies Hills, Namaqualand,
Northern Cape, South Africa."

Are the Augrabies Hills and the Oograbies Hills so close together they can
hardly be separated?

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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