Summer growing Watsonia

steven hart
Sun, 18 Mar 2012 18:35:13 PDT
On 17 March 2012 08:23, Fred Biasella <>wrote:

> Hello All,
> Does anyone know of a source of summer growing Watsonias in the U.S. Warm
> Regards,
> Fred Biasella
> Cambridge (Boston) MA
> USDA Zone 6b

> Hi Fred, I don't know how long Watsonia would take from seed in Boston,
> but they take a few seasons here in Australia, most varieties are really
> easy to sprout from seed, & be awair that some can become a potential pest
> if the escape into the wild.

> New Zealand has them as a some what naturalised pest... They have got
> them  growing absolutely everywhere on the North Island, in the sheep
> paddocks, around some of the Bays, along many Creeks & all over the place,
> they are a bit of a pest for them but absolutely beautiful... I was lucky
> enough to see them all in flower a coupple of years ago : )...

I have found good Watsonia seed suppliers on ebay in the past & got quite a
few different ones this way. If you don't find any  amongst the members, it
might be worth a look : )  I never have enough seeds for the BX, but if
mine seed at some time ill, pop a little message out for you...
  Steven : )
Esk Queensland Australia
Summer Zone 5  Winter Zone 10

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