tulips in warm climates

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Hi, my name is Guy and I am a new member of PBS I live in Spain southern Catalonia in a dry med. climate ( 9 Us zone)  During many years I tried  to acclimate( and I am still trying!) various botanical tulips. In the garden, many disappear but some seem to naturalize and even to prosper, eg. Tulipa clusianaTulipa chrysantha ( dark and pale form)tulipa linifolia ( gorgeous) Tulipa linifolia  ( yellow form) tulipa orphanideaA local form of tulipa australis  They do not seem to need so much cold to bloom, here it is not very often under 0 C and not long enough to freeze deep in the soil... Those bulbs come from Lauw ( Bulbargence, France ) He is a PBS member, as far as I know , and he has got anice collection of tulips well adapted to Med. climate 
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> I like to grow tulips and have found a source here in NZ for Tulipa 
> saxatilis.  However, that is the only one available which is suitable 
> for Auckland.  I've got a bit lost with all the talk of tulips.  Are 
> there others which will grow happily in warm climates.
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> Ina Crossley
> Auckland New Zealand zone 10a
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