Lilium pardalinum cultivation

stephen munro
Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:49:56 PDT
I was lucky to find a local nursery supply this lily and I purchased a dozen of them.  I dissected half of them and collected a fair amount of scales which I planted in 4in pots and have already begun to sprout.  It was interesting to see so many scales on this species.  In this way I hope to hedge my bets in case something happens to my others bulbs that are planted out.
Stephen Munro
Seattle, WA

From: Johannes-Ulrich Urban <>
To: Pacifib Bulb Society messages <> 
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2012 1:40 AM
Subject: [pbs] Lilium pardalinum cultivation

Hello Janos,

Gardening in Hungary probably means very hot and dry summers. I saw L.
pardalinum in California but even there it grew in cool moist and shaded
conditions. Maybe you killed your first 10 bulbs because they became too
hot in summer?
I also planted my first 10 (expensive) bulbs this year on the northern
side of a garden building between low shrubs and ferns, protected from
mice and voles and keep my fingers crossed.... no growth visible as yet
but the rhizomatous bulbs were sprouting and looked very good when I
planted them. My garden is in Zone 6 or 7 in northern Germany but we can
also get quite warm and dry summers.
I have seen this lily most spectacular in English gardens..... but
again, England is milder and moister.

Bye for today

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