The Genus Lachenalia - a new book

Matt Mattus
Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:04:19 PDT
Mary, you are correct, sorry. I was just getting caught up in the passion.

I am very excited about this book, but how many people in the world would
want this book, and how many people will actually pay for it? It's sad, but
even if you add up all of the botanic gardens, the universities that might
be interested, and the bulb enthusiasts - the number would be low.

Bottom line is that this book will not appear in many libraries, and even
though we may not be the largest bulb group ( I imagined we are since IBS
has been so innactive), it would be hard to imagine if there are more than
1500 bulb enthusiasts world-wide who might consider buying this book.Let's
remember how special it is - 600 pages and all about Lachenalia? That is
pretty specific, so a tome with that many pages plus color images is
certainly something that won't come along often.

Dylan - Yes, it's expensive, no doubt, but these are more like text books
than trade or mass market books. I would support the group approaching Kew
to see if we could arrange a reduced cost, if only for shipping charges
alone. But I may order soon, for fears that this will sell out. I imagine
that the print run will be pretty low.

One idea might be to see if Kew is planning to offer a digital version for
eBook readers. The cost could be as low as $14.99 if that happens. I have
not seen any of the Kew Monographs offered this way yet, but they may be
avoiding that since any reduction in hard-copy sales will impact the cost of
publishing an analog copy, increasing the price more.

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