J. Agoston
Sat, 24 Mar 2012 16:05:07 PDT
I made some interesting pictures from mites under microscope, and I think
it is worth of sharing.

Tetranychus urticae - Spidermite…
In this picture you can see an adult female with full of eggs (round and
black). This adult exploded because i used the mixture what i use on fungi
when microscopeing :/ Life cycle (from egg to adult) can be 2 days over
30°C till 3-4 weeks at 10°C. As far as i know the fertilized females can
overwinter outside. This mite makes a net, and usually spreads from from
the bottom of the plant to the top. Due to the fast life cycle it is very
hard to keep the population down, and it is known that spider mites can
gain resistancy fast. Likes dry hot weather.

Tarsonemus pallidus - cyclamen mite…
This mite is different, from the other one. It lives near the stem tips,
and makes the buds distorted. Never maked a net. The big problem is that
you don't see the mite itself only the distortion, which is not deadly but
also not attractive. Normally florist sulphur is effective agianst this
pest (spray on plants in the evening cause it can burn over 25°C). You have
to check the newly emerging shoots if they are normal.


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