Lilium parryi

Pacific Rim
Sat, 24 Mar 2012 22:46:01 PDT
Hello, Randy.

I saw your reply to Gene Mirro and so it is clear that you want to grow 
Lilium parryi in memory of your wife.

To grow L. parryi in Zone 9 and with the rain and temperature patterns of 
Monterey Bay would be challenging. I grow parryi in conditions somewhat 
different from Gene's -- I am in sw BC where the climate is cooler and 
wetter -- but the contrast with your conditions is so great that this hardly 
matters. Gene and I have cool winters and the possibility of moist soil all 

I can't imagine your growing parryi, in the sense of settling it in, in the 
Monterey Bay region. You could grow it in pots which you moved, like chess 
pieces, according to conditions, but all not same.

If you want to establish some L. parryi in memory of your wife, would it be 
interesting to set up a reserve in the lily's natural range?

Paige Woodward

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