'permanent' markers

Tim Harvey zigur@hotmail.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2012 10:35:12 PDT

I have used laminated labels, as produced by the "label-maker" devices, since 2003. They are essentially unchanged today, more than can be said for any plastic label left in full Southern California sun for that length of time.

> From: awilson@avonia.com
> So, the question I have is: While nothing lasts forever, how long do these
> 'permanent' markers actually last? I must be clear - I am not talking about
> imprinted vinyl tabs, but the imprinted tapes that one attaches to a label
> stick. I could not see any changes in what my friends (who have a large
> bromeliad coleection) showed me after 5 years. From this I suspect the thick
> vinyl will wear away first. Any comments? 		 	   		  

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