tulips in warm climates

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Mon, 05 Mar 2012 02:16:16 PST
Hello Guy and All,
Welcome to the forum, youy will surely find it a place  where we can learn 
and  share  bulb experiences.
 As regards to  Tulips for the mediterranaean climate, we have tried out  
formany years to select those who resist to  heat . Of course we started 
with growing those found naturalised here: T. clusiana clusiana,, 
sylvestris, praecox, agenense.Then we tried  those  which grow in other 
parts of the m├ęditerranean: T creticum, orphanidea.  Also we tried a range 
of species  originating  from   continental climats (Iran, Afgangistan, 
central Asia)  Note that several species naturalised in our area  orginally 
come from Cashmir, Iran Afganistan region.   In the hybrid species I tried  
several "simple tardives" (literally:   'single late') such as Maureen, 
Menton, Renove, Avignon etc)  These cultivars are used by highly specialised 
cut flower producers on the Cote d'Azur . Some of these  are virus resistant 
and  survive in m├ęditerrean gardens. For more information visit our website 
:  http://bulbargence.com/m_catalogue/index.php/…

Kind greetings

Lauw de Jager
South of  France
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 During many years I tried  to acclimate( and I am still trying!) various 
botanical tulips. Those bulbs come from Lauw ( Bulbargence, France ) He is a 
PBS member, as far as I know , and he has got a nice collection of tulips 
well adapted to Med. climate

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