'permanent' markers

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2012 12:11:43 PDT
Dear Friends,
	There are a number of aspects to a permanent garden marker

	The writing material-ink,pencil, laser etc
	The intermediate printing material- vinyl, paper plastic
	The long lasting holder

	I have had years of success using the following combination:

	Laser printing on self stick waterproof plastic address 
labels. These are thin white plastic and the laser printing forms a 
near permanent bond. This plastic printed label is attached to an all 
stainless steel garden marker made by Kinkaid Gardens.


	Labels as short as 6 inches can be nearly hidden at ground 
level, while 15 to 18 in height labels are perfect for bigger 
clumping plants, peonies etc.

	The owner of Kincaid labels is a friend and fellow gardener. 
All parts of the label are stainless steel, heavy duty and of good 
durability, not to be compared to old zinc plated steel which are FAR 
inferior. The old metal labels are also of a poor design and easily 
corrode in a year or two.

	It is also possible to print a duplicate label for the back 
side of the marker or write on the marker in #2 pencil front or back.

	It takes all parts of a label to go together and endure. 
		Best	Jim W.

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