The Genus Lachenalia - a new book

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:43:27 PDT
I'm sure this will be a very useful tome for well-heeled Lachenalia buffs.
I believe there is a formula of sorts that says if a book costs so much to
photocopy (say, 10c/page) then there is little point in buying the book,
especially if it is a technical work. If illustrations can be reasonably
well reproduced-- color copying is good these days-- then it may be worth
copying it for personal use rather than buying it. This book would cost
less than half the asking price by this means, including binding.

I write as an ardent book enthusiast who has paid more than the price of
this Lachenalia book for some taxonomic works from Springer for example. On
the other hand, it makes sense to buy a photocopy of Salter's Oxalis
monograph rather than searching out an original. In terms of disseminating
knowledge, these retail prices are punitive, regardless of production costs.

Dylan Hannon

On 28 March 2012 10:43, Nhu Nguyen <> wrote:

> Hi Lachenalia lovers,
> This to be published book sounds very tempting but look at the price!
> Nhu
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