Fwd: Hinkley rare plant auction

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Wed, 07 Mar 2012 22:31:28 PST
On 7 March 2012 15:09, <jflintoff@aol.com> wrote:

> Jane

> Just saw the posting re Hinkley ridiculous assessment of his Turkish
> colchicum.  Thanks for speaking out.  I've ( and others ) have always
> considered him a horticultural fraud.
> Best wishes,
> John

Hi John,
For those of us who don't know who Dan Hinkley is & just thought it was an
over-priced good cause to donate to the library.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on your horticultural fraud
comment.. Did you mean, the people running the auction, have run these sort
of charity auctions before & then not honored their pledge to donate the
money raised ?  or did you mean this man Dan Hinkley does something we
should all be careful of ?

Steven : )
Esk Queensland Australia
Summer Zone 5  Winter Zone 10

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