Ferraria bulbs for a research project

Paul Licht
Thu, 15 Mar 2012 09:17:08 PDT
This student should be advised to write us directly.

Paul Licht, Director
University of California Botanical Garden
200 Centennial Drive
Berkeley, CA 94720

On 3/15/2012 7:22 AM, David Pilling wrote:
> Hi,
> The following message came to the PBS web site from Marie Clifford,
> maybe someone can help.
> Any private replies to me please and I'll pass them on.
> ------------------8<-----------------
> I am a graduate student at the University of Washington working on a
> project relating floral scent and pollination. I am particularly
> interested in working with the genus Ferraria, since plants in this
> genus are ancestrally fly-pollinated and have re-evolved pollination by
> other insects, and also because the one that I have sampled (Ferraria
> crispa) has an incredible and unique scent.
> Would you happen to have access to Ferraria bulbs, or know someone who
> might? It would be an enormous, enormous help!

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