'permanent' markers

Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2012 17:36:01 PDT
>  From this I suspect
> the thick
> vinyl will wear away first. Any comments?

Assuming the stickers (i use Avery brand clear labels, 20/page i think it is, that I 
wrap onto both sides of the stiff tag) are printed with a laser printer to melt the 
toner into the plastic of the sticker, in sunlight the stiff tag gets brittle and usually 
breaks apart before the sticker is unreadable. Occasionally the stickers will start 
to come loose from the tag over the years. I try to bury them if I want em to last 
longer.  I find black "wax" markers such as Listo brand ones are about the 
longest lasting for handwritten. There red did not last well at all for me.

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