Lilium pardalinum culture

Fri, 23 Mar 2012 08:51:15 PDT
Hello Janoz,

While I am in a much more mild weather zone, here in San Diego, I've had fairly 
good luck with this native of Northern 

California and Oregon.   They are quite tolerant of my clay soil, albeit with 
good drainage.  I must, however, provide 

additional water as I am in the Southern California coastal desert climate.  
They will not bloom well for me if I don't provide
irrigation every 1-2 weeks before the bloom.  After bloom, I cut back H2O to 
once every 3-4 weeks, until the
foliage dies down (Sept-October here.)  I grow them on a North-facing hillside, 
which generally receives little 

direct sunshine (due to adjacent trees) but did receive bright light.  The bloom 
last Summer was reduced a bit (after
8-9 years undisturbed in the same spot) ... I suspect due to the increased 
growth and subsequent heavier shade from
the adjacent trees.  They should probably be lifted and moved to a slightly 
brighter spot, with some soil ammendment

Ken Blackford
San Diego, California
USDA zone 10  

From: J. Agoston <>
Sent: Fri, March 23, 2012 7:33:11 AM
Subject: [pbs] Lilium pardalinum culture

Hi All!

I just like to ask you about Lilium pardalinum culture, what are the do's
and don'ts. And i'd like to know what other lilies like to be treated the
same way.

Thank you!
Z5a, Hungary

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