Whats blooming in the park this week.. is this a Moraea?

Gastil marygastil@yahoo.com
Sun, 11 Nov 2012 07:55:21 PST
Not much blooming in my yard this week, just a Nerine (likely N. bowdenii).

But in a park about a mile from here there is a gorgeous bed of blue flowers which 

It looks like a Moraea, but which species? I took these photos a week ago. 

Notice the stripes on the seed pods.

Close up:


The flower bed:

This garden has a labeled map but Im guessing this blue iris-family plant was planted after 

that map was made because nothing on the map in that spot matches. 

The Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden has a nice collection of geophytes, but not many blooming this week. 

I saw Narcissus tazetta just beginning and a field of Oxalis purpurea both the white and purple.

- Gastil
Santa Barbara, California

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