Moraea corm spacing in pot

Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:59:41 PST
thank you for your reply. I was hoping you would chime in because I know you use a plunge bed. 
OK I will tend toward deeper, more than 3x diameter, since I want the corms to get bigger; some are under-sized. 
I do plan to dig them this summer for exactly the purpose of finding out if they multiplied or grew in size.
Already planted:
    Moraea villosa B, M. crispa, M. tripetala, M. gigandra, M. aristata
Yet to plant:
    Moraea villosa A, M. bipartita, M. algoensis, M. fugax, M. ciliata, M. polyanthos
The M. ciliata I realize need more space horizontally for their wide leaves. 
That and the M. tripetala I have grown before. The rest are new to me. Looking in the big blue 'Moraeas of Southern Africa' book, 
I see my corms are in these span 3 sub-genera.  Looks like they are all winter-growing, which makes sense given when they were sent dormant. 

As for erratic watering, this first year they might get that because it is an outdoor plunge bed and I have not yet begun to build a canopy. 
We tend to get too much or too little rain here.  Too little I can supplement from the rain barrels but too much rain will require a canopy. 
For food they will have some from the mix. I was not planning to water in fertilizer but I could.

- Gastil

> It depends on the species/ type of Moraea and also the amount of food
available to the plants, planting deeply may also encourage fewer and
larger corms ....

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