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Thu, 22 Nov 2012 13:07:52 PST
"Those of us who spend hours adding to the wiki are always pleased when someone consults it."

For what it's worth, Mary Sue, I joined PBS because I felt it was only right since I was using (and continue to use) your wiki far more than any other resource for bulb information as I developed the geophyte garden at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL.

Thank you (to all contributors). 

Alachua FL z8b/9a 

> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
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>Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2012 2:29 PM
>Subject: [pbs] Plants pictured on the wiki
>We started the wiki as a place people could share pictures of the 
>bulbs they were growing. So for a long time that was what we had 
>pictured. Then people added bulbs in habitat they had seen, bulbs in 
>other gardens than their own, etc. We try to keep up with the name 
>changes which is an ever challenging job. Those of us who spend hours 
>adding to the wiki are always pleased when someone consults it. But 
>if something is missing from the wiki, it does not mean it is not a 
>valid plant. It just means that there was no one who added it.
>I hope many of you look at the recent changes on the wiki since David 
>Pilling and Gastil are adding some amazing things. If you are a fan 
>of Lilium you will be amazed at all that David has added to the 
>Lilium pages. He has also added a lot of details for Nerine bowdenii. 
>Be sure you click on the "Show pictures of bulbs, seeds and flower details"
>Gastil is busy adding photos of growing medium and the storage organs 
>of plants she grows and also seeds.
>And to all of you in the United State who are celebrating 
>Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.
>Mary Sue
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