Crocus "cartwrightianus albus" bought this fall

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Fri, 09 Nov 2012 05:45:28 PST
Thanks Lauw

I chance the name on the labels
now the trick to find the real one


2012/11/9 contact <>:
> Hello Rolland,
> Here is some  aditional i formation from Jane Macgary  written  January
> 2001:
>  Further in the catalog (hoog& Dix), the plant grown in gardens as C.
> cartwrightianus
> 'Albus' is referred to C. hadriaticus. Since C. hadriaticus is a hardy,
> rapidly increasing, floriferous species, and also self-sows as much as any
> crocus I know, perhaps "C. cashmirianus 'Albus'" is just a selection of C.
> hadriaticus. The distinguishing feature between cartwrightianus and
> hadriaticus is that the style branches of C. hadriaticus are "less than
> half as long as the perianth segments and arise at a point well above the
> throat" (Mathew), whereas in C. cartwrightianus the style branches divide
> down in the throat.
> Greetings
> Lauw de Jager
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> >From Brian Mathew: C. cartwightianus albus is, in fact, C. hadriaticus
> it seems there are white C. cartwightianus but always with a small purple
> throat like the white C. longiflorus I found have a few small linesin the
> throat
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