Merodon equestris (Narcissus bulb fly, greater bulb fly, large bulb fly, large Narcissus fly)

Christian Lachaud
Wed, 14 Nov 2012 09:40:27 PST
Dear All,

Merodon equestris larvae have infested bulbs in my garden (Narcissus) and
greenhouse (Hippeastrum, Hymenocalis), which I discovered recently.
There is usually 1 larva on each bulb, which is enough to destroy any
blooming hope for 2 to 3 years, if not worse.

These big fat worms locate usually at the bottom of the bulb, and may
penetrate to the core and destroy the bud.
Additionnally, the wet wounds they create usually cause the bulb to rot.

May I ask about your experiences with this problem ?
How did you get rid of the adults and larvae, what are the prophylactic
measures, etc. ?

Best regards.

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