Iris & Mulch

Sun, 25 Nov 2012 10:39:13 PST
Thanks Jim!

It seems the consensus is that my bounty of leaves will be too much of a
good thing for my iris.  Your comment about Iris being native to dry
climates explains why my friend in the middle of the desert in Nevada can
easily raise beautiful Iris.  

I will go out and be more diligent in finding my Iris and digging them out.


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> I have an unexpected large amount of leaves this fall, mostly large 
> elm leaves, so I have been piling them on my flower beds as a mulch.  
> Most of my Iris still have green leaves.  Is it OK to bury them under

Dear Colleen,

	I would not recommend this for any bearded iris. If you have a very
dry winter you can give them a THIN layer of shredded leaves, but NEVER bury
bearded iris. Most bearded iris are native to dry climates and moisture
around the base of the leaves can lead to rot very easily. 

	I suspect they will just fine without any leaves on the bed. 

		Good luck. 		Jim W. 

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