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Hi Silent Seed,

I am not on the coast.  We are on the east side of the Sierras and at 4,100'
elevation.  While we are not desert, we do have a dry climate.

A few years ago I decided to do the "right" thing and separate the historic
iris on this property and remove the wild rye grass that suffocates
everything.  I researched the directions for planting iris, planted
accordingly and lost nearly all of them!  I was just sick.  Then I found
that a few plants had overwintered just fine while buried under heaps of sod
and soil.  This made me think that iris need to be planted more deeply in
this climate.  Then I met two women who plant their iris 6-8 inches deep!
Another woman, who lives out in the Nevada desert, plants her's about 4
inches deep.  All of this made me think that maybe a pile of leaves might be
a welcome addition.  

Also, this year I raised some dahlias and planted them out.  Supposedly I am
to dig and store them.  This is not going to happen for many reasons so I
figured I have nothing to lose from trying a thick cover of leaves.  

Directions for lily bulbs in this climate say to mulch.  So they received
plenty of leaves.

I just went out and flipped up the iris leaves through the tree leaves
wondering if sun on the leaves, but mulch on the ground would be a good
combination.  Maybe there will be some more comments in which case I can go
back out and recover the iris. :)


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Here in the Northeast, yes. But I don't know about the West Coast, since I
imagine they are still growing ? 

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Hi All!


I have an unexpected large amount of leaves this fall, mostly large elm
leaves, so I have been piling them on my flower beds as a mulch.  Most of my
Iris still have green leaves.  Is it OK to bury them under leaves?





High desert, NE California, zone 5-6


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