is this a Moraea?

Michael Mace
Sun, 11 Nov 2012 09:39:59 PST
Gastil wrote:

>> in a park about a mile from here there is a gorgeous bed of blue

Yup, Mary Sue is right, those are definitely Moraea polystachya.  Good
spotting on the striped seed pods; that's one of their identifying

They tolerate all-year moisture in my part of California.  I don't know if
they would grow in a lawn, but they definitely don't mind being damp.  If
grown that way they will sprout in August and start blooming in early
November (or even late October).  They'll stay in bloom until late February.

I have a pot in bloom here.  I grow that one like an Amaryllid, with water
all year.  There are another couple of pots of it that I let dry out over
the summer, and they're not in bloom yet.

San Jose, CA

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