BX 183 Hippeastrum

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:56:20 PST
Mary Sue wrote

> there is this corrected note explaining that the
> Rhodophiala granatiflora in BX 170 was really Rhodophiala bifida....

Thank you for the Wiki upload instructions and for this information.

David wrote

> The BX are collated as three pdf files here....

Thank you, that's a good resource. But, that's not nearly as educational
as browsing through old messages!

Nhu wrote
> ...The size of the plant is moderate to small. You can see the
> pot in one of the photos on the wiki. It measures 4" across.
> Also, the leaves are thin. Another possibility would be H.
> blossfeldiae, which is a bigger plant and has thicker, more
> leathery leaves. Let's see a photo first before I take any
> more guesses.

Thanks. I don't think my plant is fully grown yet. I have already posted
my flower photo to the mystery page. I will need to take some leaf photos
when the sun is out tomorrow and upload. The leaves feel like hybrid Hipps
so I doubt H. blossfeldiae.

If it eventually winds up offsetting like crazy, as it's supposed to, I'll
plan on sending them to Dell. If my puppies don't get there first.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA
Watering containers of green sprouts and placing outside this week.

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