Moraea corm spacing in pot

Michael Mace
Wed, 14 Nov 2012 10:00:21 PST
Gastil wrote:

> I am having doubts about how closely to space them in the pots.

Wow, I am in awe of the thoroughness of your planning and documentation,
Gastil.  Please give us updates on how those plants do; I bet we can all
learn from it.

I hesitate to even give any feedback, because my experience is so anecdotal.
But here goes...

--I've found that the blooming performance of Moraeas in my garden seems to
drop off when the corms don't have enough space.  They survive (and many
species continue to multiply until they fill the pot), but fewer and fewer
individuals bloom.

I seem to get the best blooming when I plant no more than six corms per
standard 8-inch (20-cm) round pot.  That translates to about 50 square
centimeters of surface area per corm.  If my math is right, you're giving
your corms between 10 and 24 square centimeters of surface area per corm.
So I wonder about crowding.

On the other hand, there are many other variables that could be affecting my
plants' performance -- fertilizer, watering, temperatures, etc.

-- Some Moraea species spread by stolons.  It looks like the section
dividers you're using should be able to block the stolons, but I don't know
how aggressive they are.  Are you using plunge media between the mesh pots?
If so, I wonder if you may a few daughter corms escape into the plunge
media.  Not a big worry, just something to be aware of.

Who knows what'll happen in your circumstances, and I'd be very happy to
hear that I am wrong about spacing.  So see what sort of blooms you get, and
dig up the corms next summer to check how much they multiplied.  Then please
let us know what you learn!

San Jose, CA

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