Moraea corm spacing in pot

Peter Taggart
Wed, 14 Nov 2012 23:54:33 PST
My comments are only general, - I have limited experiance with Moraeas
because few are hardy here and I have only recently started using heat.
Provided that the compost is free draining and the pots do not flood, too
much water in the growing season is rarely a problem if the pots are stood
on sand, or some other medium which will draw the excess moisture from the
Too little moisture will prevent the new corms from growing before onset of
Another consequence of too much rain is the nutrients being washed out of
the compost. This is one of the reasons I include a  small amount of clay
in my composts.
Deeper pots retain moisture better at the bottom of the pot. Deeper pots
also have greater volume and do not need to be so wide.
I think that you are in danger of over potting -which is often counter
productive in my experiance, though it does seem to be less of a problem in
warmer climates than mine where growth is faster. My observations of
overpotted plants in polytunnels is that they do better than those out of
With deep plastic pots an open compost mix is more important .
Peter (UK)

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 6:59 AM, Gastil <> wrote:

> OK I will tend toward deeper, more than 3x diameter, since I want the
> corms to get bigger; some are under-sized.
> I do plan to dig them this summer for exactly the purpose of finding out
> if they multiplied or grew in size.
> As for erratic watering, this first year they might get that because it is
> an outdoor plunge bed and I have not yet begun to build a canopy.
> We tend to get too much or too little rain here.  Too little I can
> supplement from the rain barrels but too much rain will require a canopy.
> For food they will have some from the mix. I was not planning to water in
> fertilizer but I could.
> - Gastil
> > It depends on the species/ type of Moraea and also the amount of food
> available to the plants, planting deeply may also encourage fewer and
> larger corms ....
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