Starter Drugs - bulb wise

Matt Mattus
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 19:20:57 PDT
My starter plant was first some bean seeds that I 'stole" from a
horticultural society bean display when I was about 8 ( they were on the
floor and had amazing names and colors!. I know, I'm going to Hell!). I grew
them on my  windowsill in agar disks from my brothers science kit ( don't
ask why!). 

That summer I made a 'fort' under some old spruce trees where I planted most
anything I could find in the yard in various 'found' container. I
particularly remember a coconut shell from the compost pile that the
squirrels had hollowed out - I planted Vinca minor in it, and believed it to
be 'all the rage' as a hanging plant.

Remember, it late 60's, a time of macrame hangers and hippies - my parents
were older than my friends parents, so a hanging plant was considered too
hippy-like for them. SO this made me feel like I was mod. (I know, they are
still old), but it's all relative, right?

That same summer I planted a packet of ornamental gourds in our vegetable
garden, and one vine grew, to be very prolific, but only providing me with
about a bushel of all white egg-shaped gourds. I was devastated.

My parents painted them all for me with bright colors, to look like
'natural' gourds, or at least like the ones on the package!. For years, I
believed that all gourds were painted and that's why they varnished them.

My first bulbs, I mean ones that I grew myslef, were probably were
gladiolus. My parents made me enter them at the Worcester County
Horticultural Society gladiolus Show that year ( 1968 -ish?). I remember
winning a big, red ribbon, and I was hooked.

It was all down hill from there.

On 10/1/12 8:37 PM, "Lee Poulsen" <> wrote:

> On Oct 1, 2012, at 12:18 PM, James Waddick wrote:
>> ( I already sent the grandkids some iris rhizomes a month or
>> so ago and radish seeds in spring)
> Radish seeds were my starter drug. I was about 6 or 7 years old and my mom
> gave me a pack of radish seeds to plant one spring. They sprouted almost
> immediately which entranced me to no end. Then only a few weeks later there
> were actual real edible radishes that looked just like the ones in the grocery
> store and I could actually eat. And all I did was plant them then water them.
> I've been addicted ever sinceŠ
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